The New Generation of Sun Loungers

Summer’s here, you have a margarita in one hand, a trashy crime thriller in the other – bliss, except for one thing. Your white plastic sun loungers look god-awful and are desperately uncomfortable to boot. If it isn’t a slat digging into your spine, it’s that hideous, skin-sticking combination of sun cream, sweat and sun loungers. Fortunately it no longer […]

3D Scanning Services: How Do They Benefit the Architecture Industry?

3D Laser scanning services-also referred to as laser surveying-improves upon traditional surveying methods by delivering sharper data in a shorter period of time. Introduced in the late 90’s, laser scanners help several industries gather the data they need to carry out important projects. In this article, we look at four ways scanners benefit the architecture industry. 1. Building security In […]